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Toilet paper

WEPA toilet paper products ensure softness and well-being in personal hygiene. Whether made of chlorine-free bleached cellulose or 100% recycled, scented or unscented, colored or decorated with embossing- our range of toilet paper products leaves nothing to be desired. WEPA convinces with constant product innovations and a sense for trends and requirements.

Kitchen towels

One thing a good household should never be without, absorbent and reliable kitchen towels. WEPA offers you a product portfolio ranging from white standard rolls up to our premium rolls with special embossing and imprints for all your kitchen towels needs. WEPA provides continuous product innovation and a feeling for trends and needs.


A sensitive body part such as the nose needs soft, high-quality tissues. WEPA tissues unite these needs and quality requirements. With a vast range of different package sizes, a large variety of scents and various edge embossings, WEPA fulfills all demands placed on a tissue.

Facial Tissues

Facial tissues are becoming increasingly important. You will find these decorative dispenser boxes just about everywhere, whether in bathrooms, cars or on desks. Facial tissues complement every sanitary paper product range. In this range, WEPA offers a vast product portfolio of facial tissues with different scents, layers and package sizes. 


The right napkin for every occasion: Whether it is for a birthday party or dinner in the evening – WEPA has the right serviette for every occasion. Make your selection from an array of different colours. We have the right shade for every occasion. 

paper towels

WEPA Professional's product range offers unlimited possibilities. Whether you desire paper towel rolls or folded paper towels, WEPA provides a variety of options. Folded paper towels come in a variety of folds: V, Z, W, and C. All WEPA Professional products are made available in fresh cellulose fibres or 100% recycled paper, in bright white, white natural, and green, and in 1, 2, or 3-ply. There is no limit to the variety of possibilities. more...

Jumbo rolls of toilet paper

WEPA Professional's comprehensive range of toilet paper includes both mini rolls for personal use and jumbo rolls for bulk consumers. Quality products in fresh-fibre or recycling quality ranging from 2 to 4-ply, will make your lavatory as presentable as the company business card.  more...

Cleaning rolls

Especially for business, workshops and industry, WEPA offers a comprehensive range of cleaning rolls. – Achieve a new level of brilliance with the 2 and 3-ply cleaning rolls in various sizes and meterages. more...

Centerfeed rolls

Centerfeed paper towels - the solution for industrial kitchens, catering, petrol stations, sun studios, etc. Profit from the high level of durability, whiteness and absorption. A range of various sizes and meterages, all certified with the EU Ecolabel and suitable for direct contact with foodstuffs. more...

Examination table rolls

WEPA Professional examination table rolls are the hygienic underlay for patient and examination tables. Highly absorbent and tear-resistant, every roll is hygienically packaged in foil. more…


The new WEPA Professional Dispenser Series. – Strong in design and first class in functionality and quality. Hygienic, cost-effective in use and easy to handle, WEPA Professional Dispensers are the optimal solution for every purpose of use. more...