Meeting your induvidual needsMeeting your induvidual needs

WEPA Brands

Our WEPA brands are proof of the variety of our product portfolio and our powers of innovation: Ranging from the recycling line "Mach mit..." to the hybrid range "Sammy” , the premium brand "Samtess”, the traditional "Kriepa" brand through to our trendy promotional items, WEPA offers the right hygiene product for any customer demand in the desired quality and design. A full range that leaves no wish unfulfilled – whether made from pulp, recycled fiber, as an innovative hybrid product or with particular print or perfume.

Mach mit...

Mach mit… – Our products from 100% recycled fiber.

For the love of the environment.


WEPA has been specialising in producing recycled papers for decades and continues to drive this sector forwards through innovative product improvements. Over the years, WEPA has developed a core competency in this sector.

Recycled paper substantially prevents CO2 and saves valuable resources without compromising on the level of quality. This becomes especially evident with respect to climate protection as well as energy and water consumption.

Our recycled products are available under the brand name Mach mit... as toilet paper, kitchen towel, handkerchiefs and also facial tissues, together forming a comprehensive portfolio in the area of recycling paper.

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Sammy – our innovative Hybrid Fair Fiber products.

Because we believe our future is worth it.


The Sammy product range brings together the environmental benefits of recycled paper with the usual comforts of a pure pulp product thanks to our innovative Hybrid Fair Fiber technology.

Hybrid Fair Fiber is the intelligent combination of recycled fibers and pure pulp fibers from sustainable sources. We use the specific characteristics of these fibers to produce a sustainable and fair hygiene paper. A Hybrid Fair Fiber product containing 30% recycled fiber has a 20% better environmental footprint. Hybrid Fair Fiber hygiene papers meet consumer needs regarding environmental friendliness and comfort, offering an excellent alternative to 100% pulp products in doing so.

Our hybrid products are available under the Sammy brand name and include toilet paper, kitchen towel, handkerchiefs and facial tissue and together form the standard range in the German hygiene paper market.

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Samtess – Our premium brand.

Because hygiene can also be luxurious.


The highest standard of comfort is placed on the Samtess range of products that together form the premium range. Daily hygiene can also be luxurious, which makes these products the perfect choice for anyone who likes to feel pampered. The softness and comfort factors are explicitly emphasised in the Samtess range.

Our premium range is available under the Samtess brand name as toilet paper, handkerchiefs and facial tissue.



Kriepa – Our traditional brand from Saxony.

For the love of tradition.


Kriepa – The brand from Saxony. Offer your customers the quality of long-standing tradition with the Kriepa range of hygiene paper.

The quality brand from Saxony features extra absorbent and tear resistance kitchen rolls as well as extra soft and comfortable toilet paper.

WEPA Trend Edition

WEPA Trend Edition – Our innovative promotion products.

So you’ll never miss a trend.


WEPA Trend Edition picks up on current trends and integrates them into our products with exciting prints and perfume. This portfolio enables you to offer your customers variety and the opportunity to buy the right product for different occasions. Whether pineapple and flamingos in the summer, unicorns or even winter cookie recipes – with WEPA Trend Edition you are always "up to date".

Our limited edition products in the WEPA Trendedition range are available as toilet paper and kitchen towel.

Perla / Scala / Comprami

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