The future in our handsThe future in our hands


In the production of toilet paper, tissues, kitchen rolls and other hygiene paper products, WEPA places great value on sustainability.  We want to burden the environment as little as possible with the production of our hygiene paper products. 

Protection of the environment and economic success in unison

Our endeavour is to sustain WEPA as a family-run company in the long run, taking into account economic necessities, maintaining an ecological and social attitude, as well as a long-term strategic orientation. Besides economic success, the quality of our products and labour safety, the protection of the environment is one of our main corporate goals. We integrate environmental aspects into the decision-making processes and actions of our management system. This enables us to plan, coordinate, monitor and document the technical and organisational processes that have an impact on our environment in order to constantly improve them.

25 years EU Ecolabel