Value orientation characterises the family business

Today, the WEPA Group is the third largest tissue paper company in Europe. Our definition of responsibility as a family business has made a significant contribution to this continuous development since 1948. Since its foundation, management, executives and all employees have identified equally with WEPA's results and value objectives. We are all committed to behaviour that serves the well-being of the WEPA Group and keep our values of respect, commitment and sustainability alive in our corporate culture. This philosophy is reflected in our common goal: long-term preservation and sustainable development of the WEPA family business.


Humanity, esteem, recognition, respect and tolerance shape our image of man and determine our actions. This applies within the company as well as to all external partners. For this reason, we treat each individual with the respect that we ourselves expect.


We - all together and each for himself - are passionately committed to the targets of the family-owned company while upholding its values. We share responsibility for the success of the company and for the well-being of all employees and colleagues, and we act accordingly, not only in our own areas of responsibility.


The aim of our actions is to ensure the long-term existence of WEPA as a family-owned company, taking into account economic necessities, the preservation of an ecological and social basic attitude and a long-term strategic orientation.