Hygiene paper products with a family traditionHygiene paper products with a family tradition

Willingness to take risks

The WEPA Group – past and present

The present WEPA Group was founded in 1948 by the name of "Westfälische Papierfabrik" in Arnsberg. Founded as a trade enterprise and expanded to a manufacturing company in 1953, the WEPA Group has been successful in its core business, the production of hygiene paper products, since 1958. 

Paul Krengel, founder of WEPA

The pioneer spirit of the post-war years was discernible when Paul Krengel laid the foundation for WEPA's later success. On the eve of the "currency reform" in 1948, he founded a trading company in the Sauerland region that specialized in the sale of a broad product range consisting of: baking paper, stationery, sandwich paper and lining, and many other products including art paper. 

Contemporary hygiene paper products by WEPA

In 1958, the company began to manufacture its own paper products. Subsequently, the WEPA Group became one of the three leading hygiene paper product manufacturers in Europe. Thanks to consistent expansion and investments amounting to millions of Euros, all WEPA locations are now state-of-the-art and produce contemporary hygiene paper products for the most varied consumer requirements.


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